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Never Miss A Call - Your Pressplay PA Team

WE ANSWER YOUR CALLS, YOU DELIVER YOUR PROMISES Running a small businesses can be unpredictable to say the least - a constant juggling act between actually providing the services you offer and the incoming calls that are the lifeblood of new business. Our Pressplay PA service enables you to do what you best while we pick up all your incoming calls by answering them quickly and professionally. Your customers will love the service.

HOW DOES IT WORK? To send your calls to us, it's really simple - we'll give you a local number to divert your calls to and you can choose to send us calls all the time or just when you're busy, off-duty or on holiday. We can handle as many or as few calls as you'd prefer. If you haven't launched your business yet, we can help you find the perfect local number and avoid any divert charges.

HOW WILL YOU KNOW ABOUT MY BUSINESS? During the quick set-up process, we'll ask you for some information about your business that will enable us to provide your customers with a responsive and professional service. We want to ensure we uphold the high standards of friendliness and knowledge your customers have come to expect so we'll use the information you provide us with to do this.

As well as regular team training, every single time we take a call for your business, our system will ensure that all your vital company information appears immediately in front of our Pressplay PA before they answer the call with your company name.

And our system isn't limited to just knowing the basics such as taking messages. If you want to provide us with details of a special offer or some information that customers might want after seeing an advertisement, you can notify us of this via our system and we can respond accordingly when your customers call.

HOW DO I RECEIVE MESSAGES AND FEEDBACK? Within 60 seconds of your call being received, we'll e-mail all the details of the call and make it easy to see whether you need to follow up the call along with contact details. And if you're not the sort of person who checks your e-mail very often, no need to worry, we can also optionally send you an SMS text message to alert you that you have messages waiting.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? We have two simple, transparently priced packages to suit all requirements....

Setup: FREE
Monthly: £25
Calls In: 75p/min
Text Alerts: 20p
7 Days
Setup: FREE
Monthly: £40
Calls In: 70p/min
Text Alerts: 20p
Setup: FREE
Monthly: Custom
Calls In: Custom
Text Alerts: Custom
Optional call forwarding: 20p per minute (landline), 40p per minute (mobile).
All calls billed by the second.

WE'LL HELP YOU ALL THE WAY We work with lots of small businesses and have built up valuable experience and knowledge of what works best. We'll give you the benefit of our advice and our team are always on-hand if you need us. We understand that not everybody is confident with technology so our team will gladly assist and advise and make sure you're completely happy with how to transfer your calls and how to receive your messages and send us any information.